industrial steel pipe insulationDo you want to control and optimize processes? Save energy and money? Control condensation? Enhance freeze protection? Ensure the safety of workers? The best-run, most efficient facilities have well-installed and properly maintained insulation for all these reasons.

Over the past 25 years, many of these companies have turned to Oblender Insulations. Why Oblender?

Expertise. Oblender Insulations offers the best of the old and the new. Owner and estimator Brian MacCarl has over 30 years of personal experience in the industrial insulation field, and was mentored by company founder Bill Oblender who had 40+ years of acquired experience.

Bill and Brian’s wealth of hands-on knowledge of materials and methods have been passed along to the Oblender Insulations team members, to ensure everyone benefits from their experience. What’s more, every member of the Oblender team thrives on a good challenge and enjoys learning about new technologies and applications. We are also well-connected to other resources, including our suppliers and manufacturers, and bring their expertise to projects whenever necessary.

Pricing. We strive to balance the immediate capital cost of a project with long-term return on investment by offering competitive pricing and cost-effective materials.

Materials and workmanship. Oblender has developed a stong word-of-mouth reputation for insulation jobs that last a long time. We choose the right material for every job and know how to install it to avoid any future issues. We provide expert supervision and quality control. And while we offer an industry standard one-year warranty on all our work, our proactive approach to each job ensures that warranties are rarely required.

Skilled employees. All Oblender workers are members of the International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators Local 95. These unionized workers have completed a four-year apprenticeship program and receive annual safety training.

Small company advantage. Small is beautiful. We are a very accessible company, able to offer personal service, immediate problem-solving and intimate knowledge about every job we are involved in, at every level of the company. When you have a site visit from an Oblender supervisor, it’s likely from the company president himself.

Safety record. Oblender Insulations is the proud recipient of three safety awards from the Hamilton Halton Construction Association for zero frequency of injuries.

Client-contractor relationship. For Oblender Insulations, it’s not all about tools, techniques and materials. We enjoy developing strong, responsive relationships with our clients and recognize the value of good communication in creating a superior end product.

Prequalified. Oblender Insulations has met the standards of several major industrial companies and is prequalified to work in their plants.

Membership in trade associations. We are members of the Master Insulators Association of Ontario, the Thermal Insulation Association of Canada, and the Hamilton Halton Construction Association.

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Geek Speak

Lightweight perlite is a heavyweight in the insulation industry. It is a naturally occurring siliceous rock that expands from four to 20 times its original volume when heated to more than 1600˚F. According to The Perlite Institute, expanded perlite is widely used in low temperature and cryogenic applications because of its low thermal conductivity, ease of handling, relative low cost, non-flammability, and low moisture retention.